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E6 Process, Scan & Mount


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E6 Film Process, Scan & Mount

We can scan your 35mm film to produce digital files in one of two different resolutions and supply them on either CD, DVD or for an extra cost a 8GB flash pen and then mount your images in plastic slide mounts.


35mm Standard:

Click here to view an example digital file

35mm High:

Click here to view an example digital file

(Click the buttons above to view the file in a new browser window. To download to computer: right click on image + “save image as”)

Image Sizes:


35mm Standard: 3088px X 2048px
35mm High Res: 5011px X 3268px

We can only process E6 compatible transparency film E.G.  Fuji Velvia & Provia and Kodak Ektachrome and any transparency film marked as E6 compatible. Unfortunately we cannot process Kodak Kodachrome.

Please Note: Customers opting for files to be supplied on a 8GB flash pen will not receive a CD of files with their order.

Additional information


35mm standard resolution supplied on cd, 35mm high resolution supplied on cd, Files optionally supplied on 8GB flash pen, Speed Change


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