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Film Processing

E6 processing.co.uk  provides a high level of quality and consistency using Kreonite processing equipment. With this type of processor films are suspended in the chemical tanks reducing the risk of processing and drying marks associated with roller transport machines.

For optimum results the manufacturers recommended speed ratings should be used, although we do have the facility (at an extra cost) to speed change films.

A film speed change option is available for up to two stops push (increase speed) and 1 stop pull (decrease speed). This is under taken at the customers own risk as there may be some loss of quality with this process, films must be clearly marked with the speed change required.

Processed film is cut and supplied in sleeves and returned to customers within a few days.


We can only process E6 compatible transparency film E.G.  Fuji Velvia & Provia and Kodak Ektachrome and any transparency film marked as E6 compatible. Unfortunately we cannot process Kodak Kodachrome.


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35mm, 120 Roll film, 5” X 4” Sheet film, Speed change


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